Our Know How in Your Network



Basis for a detailed analysis of the traffic flows with IsarFlow is Netflow/sFlow/IPFIX-Accounting, a function supported by many vendors of routers and layer-3-switches. Netflow/sFlow/IPFIX is activated on the network components and monitors the occuring network traffic patterns. Just let us know, if you need support for proper design and implementation of NetFlow.

The gathered netflow/sFlow/IPFIX information is sent to the IsarFlow-Appliance, refined and transferred into a central database, the source for all detailed analyses and reports about the traffic in your network.


Numerous filters assist in getting reasonable data analysis, including the aggregation of company departments or locations.

Apart from the IsarFlow-Appliance, no additional hardware components arenecessary. Another advantage is the independence from the physical interfaces. When switching to new network technologies no new devices are required.